We will learn how to enlarge a teenager's penis and catch up with our peers

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It's hard to live through puberty - the familiar world is collapsing, the body is changing before our eyes, psychological and emotional problems are piling up.

Also, in adolescence, for the first time, there is interest in the size of your genitalia.

From a lack of understanding of true anatomy and an overwhelming interest in staged pornography, teenagers are immediately drawn to the complexities of their dimensions.

We will tell you what it is medically advisable to develop sexually and explain how to avoid possible problems.

When does penis growth begin?

We turned to pediatricians with this question. They say the first signs of puberty start at age 11. They can be recognized by the enlargement of the testicles. By the age of 12-13, there is an increase in the diameter and length of the penis. The penis becomes like that of an adult male between the ages of 16 and 17.

What affects the development of the organ

The main cruiser in this pubescent sea is the hormone. Testosterone played the first violin. The norm for 11-15 years old is 0. 48 - 22. 05 nmol/L, 15-18 years old - 3. 61 - 37. 67 nmol/L. For the whole substance to be produced in the proper quantity, you need to rest, get enough sleep, supplement with many vitamins, minerals and normal weight. There is no magic, as long as the genetics are not faulty.

We will give second place to the aforementioned genetics. However, the dimensions are still inherited from father, grandfather, great-grandfather and other "great" people. All of this is in our DNA. However, under the influence of unfavorable factors, the ancestral genes are removed from the background. There is a chance to lag behind the giant father after having mumps, early smoking, alcoholism.

We will give the third place on the general condition of the body, proper nutrition. The priority is exercise, healthy eating, rest and good sleep, daily routine. With such a ligament, the growth of the organ will move correctly and completely naturally.

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Why no motivation:

  • Endocrine disorders are a serious topic affecting the development of the body in general. If there are alarm calls (early maturation before age 9 or later - after age 14) hormonal testing is required;
  • childhood injury - if a neighborhood boy gets hit between his legs with a stick in the heat of the yard, you must immediately run to the doctor;
  • poor metabolism - the body does not assimilate the active ingredients and cannot develop as intended by nature;
  • nutritional disorders - without amino acids, vitamins and minerals, proteins - fats and carbohydrates, the body will not receive a solid foundation for growth;
  • get used to alcohol and tobacco earlier.

It is believed that penis growth is associated with early masturbation, sex life, sexual orientation. This is purely an illusion. Etiology of deviations sought in genetics, hormonal background and general condition of adolescents.

Average organ size

The doctors calculated the average of the diameter and length for each year of growth.

These numbers are:

  • 13 years old - break 5-7, erection 8, 7-12, 7, circumference 9, 9;
  • 14 years old - break 6-8, erection 11-15, circumference 10, 3;
  • 15 years old - rest 6-8, erection 11, 3-15, 3, circumference 10, 7;
  • 16 years old - break 6, 5-9, 5, erection 12, 1-16, 1, circumference 11;
  • 17 years old - break 7, 5-10, 5, erection 12, 5-16, 5, circumference 11. 5.
a man's growth and the size of his penis

Techniques for penis enlargement for teenagers

With this question, we turn to ornithologists. Experts in this field of men's health say that any intervention in the sexual development of a child must be coordinated by a doctor. Otherwise, there is a risk of disrupting psycho-physiological development. This is much worse than walking on the ground with a normal member.

11, 12, 13 years old

At such a young age, some safety techniques are effective.


This is the same method that will work with an 11-13 year old child. In the early stages of puberty, the body needs to receive the norm of vitamins B, D, E, C. Pay attention to selenium, zinc. This will create a good basis for harmonious development.

Other popular methods

We will give examples of some effective methods, but their implementation is not recommended at this age.


The manual jelqing technique aims to increase the length. It works due to the powerful filling of blood, stimulating the elongation of the cavernous bodies. Rumor has it that boys from all famous Arab countries practice it.

Our recommendations in this regard are extremely simple: the technique requires precise control of the erection, only then will it give the desired development. An 11-13 year old boy couldn't do it. We recommend postponing jelqing until the age of 18!


a stretcher to extend a member of a teenager

The tensioner produces a strong tensioning force. The system is fixed on the head and wrapped around the hips with a strap. Traction is provided by a belt adjuster. This method is only performed on a fully formed penis. As was the case before, you have to wait for adulthood.

Stretching and massaging

Stretching and massage techniques improve blood circulation, stimulating the growth of the spongy, shell body. Implementation technique is of prime importance in this regard. We recommend starting this workout after the age of 18.

14, 15, 16, 17 years old

For older guys, other secrets work.

Jelqing with cream or gel

Gentle training to correct the size of the genitals, friendship with creams, gels that enhance dynamism and growth. However, we repeat: all these miracles must be left to the end of normal puberty. If physiological fails, you can add this method to your arsenal.


Doctors-andrologists have some powerful works in their possession.


  • pump - works due to negative pressure, increases blood flow, solves erection problems. Teenagers 14-16 years old do not need;
  • stretching agent - stretches the corpus cavernosum after daily wear for 6-8 hours. At the age we are talking about, this is almost impossible. Such practices are available to young men over the age of 18.

Dietary supplements

Let us recall that a functional food is a biologically active food supplement. Such operation is not as secure as it seems. In our opinion, it is better to organize the food correctly. This will help increase blood circulation, strengthen the nervous system, stabilize the endocrine system. The body will produce testosterone properly. Add honey, bee products, herbs, seafood, vegetable oils, nuts to the diet.

How for a child and a boy - a schoolboy

We say that at a young age the preventive examination of pediatricians and urologists should not be ignored. After meeting, the doctor will make the most suitable recommendations. See him for a scheduled visit at age 3, 6-9-12 years old.

Vitamins and proper nutrition

Sexual retardation occurs on the basis of a deficiency or excess of body weight. It is caused by low calorie/too much food, hunger/overeating, unbalanced nutrition (including lack of vitamins, minerals, amino acids). Boys who participate in strenuous sports activities and receive little food are more likely to develop this condition. We recommend checking this out.

Don't be addicted to masturbation. Aggressive penis play at an early age often turns into psychological problems in the future.

Hormones - consult a specialist

Everything is simple here - the doctor prescribes the child what he lacks. Children are prescribed short courses of testosterone, which usually stimulate puberty in a fun way. Children with diseases such as secondary insufficiency are prescribed hormones FSH, hCG.

Doctors prescribe vitamins for teenagers for penis growth


We recommend that you do not interfere with the natural process of growing up a teenager (if he is healthy, of course). Diet, proper nutrition and physiology will do that. If there is an alarm, you need to see a doctor (urologist, pediatric endocrinologist).